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Magicofrob 42
This is the best place to get guitar tabs and lessons anywhere! Two thumbs up
So quick and easy to load up chords and lyric to just about whatever song your looking for. Every gigging musician should have this app!
It's a really good app. There are some songs that have not had tabs written for them yet but majority of the stuff you want is on here.
It has tons and tons of great transcriptions. Not all the songs in the world but I'd say most of them. I use this app almost everyday. One thing I think one thing that could make this app even better than it already is would be having the ability to change the tunings in times your guitar(s) are set up for say E standard when you need to be in E flat. Please add this!! Everything else is great!
I don't always have time to work out a new song for my personal enjoyment or for a gig with my band. Tab Pro is great for getting to speed quickly on those occasions. The community supporting Tab Pro is strong and varied, so there's lots of to choose from in all styles.
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Zach Smith
The fretboard hand placement along the bottom is a great addition. Song selection is great, and I love that it plays the song so you can hear what its supposed to sound like. Overall I have nothing bad to say about this app. Well done Ultimate Guitar!
Zachary Labrie
My learning style for songs starts with muscle memory. Ill play a song until it feels natural by playing along with the tabs and then, without looking at the tabs, I'll play it back from memory therefore learning it. This apps is awesome for just that and I would recommend it to anyone!
Swy Swy
I think it's a solid app for guitar tabs. Specially helpful that you can hear how the song sounds. The tab reading is pretty smooth. Some songs however glitch and the scrolling glitches too a few times.
Jude Foster
The app is very, very helpful and easy to navigate. I love how you can easily switch between instruments and adjust all the settings. I also love how you can use advanced search to find exactly what you need. 5 stars easily, rock on!
Jimmy Ward
Only been a couple of songs i can't get, but they're rather obscure I suppose. Tabs are surprisingly accurate and the active fretboard is a sweet addition as well as the time control. Well worth the cost! Go for it.

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