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Jacob McCauley I like that I can choose different instruments and that it shows all the fingering needed.
Michelle De I like best that you can slow down the speed, accurate to your level. Also, changing the song to high/lower notes, depending on your voice or how you want to play it. You are quite free in creating your own version.
Michael Belloni Most songs that I wish to learn are already tabbed out for me and can play along with them. If there is a song that is not in the database, I can request one.
Radu Marin Rosca I don't know what is the best because everything else is really good! The library is big, it's easy to learn songs, easy to read the tabs, etc.
Great job!
Ana Benitez-Graham That it has so many reputable tabs at hand and you can get to them so easily. Also, it was very cheap for a lifetime membership.
Damion Paul Hart The variety of songs (depth of catalog), and also the different versions of individual songs (width at song level).
Explosif Josiff Having the tab actually played in time, with audio. Some tabs don't seem right when you first play them, and it's hard to tell if I'm playing them in the wrong time signature or if they're bad tabs. Tab Pro always has good tabs, and time is easy to keep with the audio.
Luis Andrés Pereira The catalog, the ukulele chords on app, the interface in both site and app.
Rulo Da Bazz Mazzta Just everything, I'm really happy I just love TP. Thank you so much!!
Martin Stanhope The fact that you can slow it down and follow note by note at your own pace.
Hector Mora Easy to use and very flexible. Haven't use it at 100% yet...there's so many options for learn how to play the songs.
Graeme Evans As a working musician learning some parts of songs can be time consuming, especially if it is a signature riff. With Tab Pro I can slow the part/riff I am learning down and play along. I wish I had this 30 years ago.
Pieter Claeys it's cheap, big database, usable on any device, zoomable, printable, big fan here!
Eric Toussaint All the different "parts" charted separately makes it easy for teaching aid.

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