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Erik This service will get you sounding like a pro in no time! Easy to follow and perfect your own sound.
Demarcus Zavala Fierro This site is a great way to practice your rhythm playing and a great way to learn your favorite songs.
daugfly I've tried them all and this one is the best and well worth the price. I am glad to see so many good reviews. Best selection of songs and works well on all devices. I can't say the same for others.
Roger Zillinsky This service is a great way to practice your rhythm playing and a great way to learn your favorite songs.
Peter Giuliano I am impressed from both an engineering perspective as well as a musician of 30 years. I am an advanced player and I love tackling pieces (e.g. Dream Theater). I can read music proficiently ... But this service literally shaves 75% off the time it takes to interpret and memorize a song ... Brilliant ... Kudos ... Much praise
Duc900rider I love this site, lots of song tabs here and for different instruments. Keep up the good work developing new features.
No kite This service took my guitar playing ability higher than any other instructional sites or course I have ever used. The ability to isolate, slow down, loop, etc. has made song learning (and especially complex rhythm patterns) exponentially easier. I combine this with Anytune and it's a blast.
MoonmenfromMars I like all the different versions, from studio to simple. Valued service to be sure!
Ashentep Great tab service for learning songs or to remember the arrangement of songs you already know. Works best on a tablet or desktop, but in a pinch you can follow along with your phone. The tabs are generally better quality than the usual text based tabs as well.
Blovespuzzles The service is easy to use and provides tabs submitted by regular guitarists. As a result there are a variety of interpretations and levels of difficulty. I've been using this service for almost 2 years and it's enabled me to pick up a tune, get the basics and add or perfect a literal interpretation of the tab. Nice service!!
boonshard I really like Tab Pro, but I would like to be able to send songs to my onsong app. And add it to my set list.
Danya T There is always something good to play here... Maybe not the exact song or arrangement you want but I've never left without a new tune.
V77BB As a causal player, I truly enjoy using this service. I wish I had start using Tab Pro years ago. Fun to learn with, fun to play along with. Thanks, nice work guys!
Neko_Kazoku I've learned to play numerous songs with this tab service!
Rat57z Great product I find the tabs fresh and accurate with a great interface and so easy to use. Thanks for helping me along my way to becoming a great guitar player

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