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Tab Pro is the place to be if you're about to become a guitarist of your dream.
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200,000+ tabs to choose from

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New songs added daily fresh off the charts.

There's a track for every instrument

Switch between various instrument tracks of the song
to choose the one you wish to learn first. Put it on solo
and tweak the volume level.

Practice at comfortable pace. Your pace.

Slow the song down using tempo control,
start from 50% to warm up first. Select a fragment
you wish to practice and put it on loop.

Play it like a pro

Hit "Play" button to start practicing the song
over and over until you've nailed it. Work your way
up to original track speed.

Learn from the best

Learn how to play your favorite songs on guitar
from the finest tablature collection on the web. Each tab is carefully
transcribed to bring you the best experience possible.

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Hiqh-quality tabs with
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Tempo control and loop to help you
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Anyone can learn songs easily with Tab Pro.

Tab Pro was developed by guitarists and for guitarists. We carefully studied each step
of the song learning process and created the ultimate tool for that.
— Tab Pro Team

I started using Tab Pro and soon developed some
serious guitar skills. After I've learned how to play all of my favorite songs, I started my own band and became a touring musician. All thanks to Tab Pro!
Brandon Douglas, Portland, OR

Tab Pro catalog

284,563 tabs

80,000+ more tabs 120,000+ more tabs 80,000+ more tabs
Stairway To Heaven
Led Zeppelin
Cowboys From Hell
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Jeff Buckley
Avenged Sevenfold
Smoke On The Water
Deep Purple
Chop Suey!
System Of A Down
Laid To Rest
Lamb Of God
Far Beyond The Sun
Yngwie Malmsteen
Wake Me Up When September Ends
Green Day
Still Got The Blues
Gary Moore
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Learn from the best

Tab Pro is famous for its simple, yet effective approach to song learning. Pick your favorite track from our huge catalog, switch to fullscreen and hit play to hear the sound of real instruments. Follow chord progression on a virtual fretboard.

Practice with style and comfort

Get down to practicing right away: choose which instrument part you'd like to master and put that track on solo. Loop a certain segment of the song to practice it over and over again until you're satisfied with the result. Use tempo control to build up your speed - start from half speed and then go all the way up to the original track tempo.

Play it like a pro

Now that you've mastered your part, it's time to play it using Tab Pro as a backing track. Once you've done with easier songs, try something more challenging. Pretty soon you'll realize that your guitar skill has improved and you can play songs off your favorite records as close to original as possible. Don't be afraid to improvise once you've nailed the basics!