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About UG Plus
UG Plus is a collection of revolutionary services from Ultimate Guitar, which includes Tab Pro, UG Ad Free and JamGuru. These services provide you with all the tools and resources that you need in order to learn and play your favorite songs and improve your guitar playing ability. UG Plus services are offered individually, so you can subscribe to the ones that work best for you, whether you are a beginning or advanced player.
  • Why can't I find a particular song?
    We are required to receive licenses from copyright holders in order to use their songs in our services. Since the licensing process does not always move quickly, we can't add songs as fast as we would like to. The catalog is continuously being updated and expanded in order to give you access to new songs. If you would like to request a specific song, please feel free to email us at
  • Why should I give you my credit card details to use free 3-day trial?
    A Credit Card is required for security reasons and to ensure uninterrupted access to the services after your free trial, however, we will not charge your Credit Card until the end of the trial period.
    Please note: for technical reasons, you cannot get 3-day trial if you pay via your mobile phone.
  • How can I cancel the trial?
    If at any point during the 3-day trial you decide not to subscribe to the services, you may cancel your free trial at any time within the first 3 days.

    To cancel your subscription:
    • Go to UG Plus Account, "Subscriptions" section and press "Cancel trial" button.
    • Then, press "Cancel free trial" button in the confirmation window appeared.
    Please note: for technical reasons, you cannot get 3-day trial if you pay via your mobile phone.
  • How can I cancel the subscription?
    If you want to cancel your subscription, you should go to your UG Plus Account,
    "My subscriptions" section and press the "Cancel" button.


  • Why can't I use Premium Services on my Apple iPad/iPhone?
    Tab Pro service require a Flash Player, which is unavailable on Apple's mobile devices. However, Tab Pro is now available as a separate standalone application for an iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • Payment Safety & Security
    Ultimate Guitar takes the protection of your payment information very seriously. We have partnered with the payment industry's most respected credit card processor and payment solution company to create best-in-class technologies and security measures to keep your information safe and create a secure purchasing environment for you.
    Your credit card details do not go to Ultimate Guitar servers. Along secure SSL connection they go directly to Vindicia server. Vindicia is a PCI Level 1 SAS 70 Type II audited company. They also deal with Symantec, Cisco, Blizzard entertainment. All credit card details are processed and saved by Vindicia. Ultimate Guitar does not have any access to users' credit card details in accordance with the system architecture, that means none of Ultimate Guitar actions can cause loss of your credit card information.
  • Credit Card Authorization
    We will process a $1 authorization at the time of order to make sure the payment method is valid. This authorization is not a charge, but your bank may hold the authorized funds as unavailable until the authorization expires
  • Feedback
    Ultimate Guitar is always happy to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us if you have suggestions about how to improve the service or if you would like to report any problems with UG Plus or any of our services by using this link. When submitting feedback, your ticket will be given a unique number, which will allow you to use this later to learn the status of your inquiry and to get feedback from our experts.
  • Trial Subscription
    Users may be offered a trial subscription that will allow them to use one or more services for a period of time without payment ("Trial Period"). You may cancel your subscription at any time during the Trial Period for any reason by going to your account page and selecting "Cancel Trial". If you have not canceled your subscription by the end of the Trial Period, you will be automatically charged for the subscirptions you have selected according to the rules of that subscription.